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2017 Kia K900 near Sun Prairie

2017 Kia K900 near Sun Prairie

Kia's done it again with another fantastic redesign. This time they've taken the K900 into the shop and brought us back the brand new 2017 Kia K900 in Sun Prairie. With fresh body lines and an even more luxurious interior, you'll love how far Kia has come in the last few years with this vehicle.

About the 2018 Kia K900 in Sun Prairie

To start with, the K900 is meant to be Kia's ultra luxury liner. At a price point that hovers right around the $50,000 mark, it clearly sets itself apart from Kia's other economy cars. The engineers put plenty of time and energy into this one, loading up the K900 with more standard features as well. Thus, even the base model K900 is a head above anything else Kia has on the market.

With all of the extra room and plush accommodations, Kia loaded the K900 up with an optional V8 engine. Otherwise, you can get it with a V-6, which offers marginal improvements in fuel economy. At 17/25, it may not be the most fuel friendly option around, but it still has plenty to offer. For instance, the back seat has tons and tons of leg room, and the vehicle drives as if it's floating on a cloud graciously. It's not a sports car, so don't expect a tight suspension.

Choosing Your K900

To begin with, you'll find the K900 V6 Premium at the bottom tier. It comes in limited colors with few interior options. However, Kia did a great job of keeping some of the more important features in place. For instance, blind spot sensing and cross traffic alerts come standard on all models.

The next step up is the V6 Luxury. With an upgraded sound system and the option to add a full-color touch screen display, you can really start to appreciate the finer things in life with this one. This upgrade also comes with paddle shifters and shift by wire for a more comfortable driving experience.

With the move to the highest tier, you will find appreciably more power with the V8 powertrain. You can also opt for quilted Nappa leather seats and a lane departure warning system. This final tier comes in at just over $60,000.

Overall, the 2017 Kia K900 in Sun Prairie proves that Kia is becoming an even bigger player in the automotive industry. With all of their 2017 redesigns, they have moved from a purely economical brand to a true competitor in terms of technology and driver experience.

To test drive the K900 for yourself today, stop by Kia Madison and ask one of our team members. We have both V6 and V8 versions of the 2017 Kia K900 in Sun Prarie on our lot for you to enjoy.

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There's a lot of work that goes into owning a car, especially if you want to keep yours in good shape for many miles to come. The best way to make sure your Kia lasts a long time and runs smoothly the whole time you drive it is to schedule regular maintenance. In fact, a little bit of maintenance can save you tons of potential repair costs. One of the toughest parts about keeping up with maintenance on your Kia is knowing when it's time to take your car to a mechanic. The best thing you can do is talk with your local Kia dealer and figure out a schedule for when you can take your car in. If you're in the Madison, WI, area, the best place to schedule your Kia service is Russ Darrow Kia of Madison.

Finding Your Kia’s Maintenance Schedule

Determining how often you need to have your Kia serviced starts with figuring out the recommended intervals between various types of service. For example, your tires need to be changed a lot more often than transmission fluid but not nearly as often as you should change your oil. You can find more information about the recommended intervals between each type of service by reading your owner's manual or talking to a mechanic.

In addition to keeping up with the little maintenance tasks, you should also have a tune-up done at certain milestones to make sure you're keeping everything in good shape. A lot of mechanics will recommend you have a 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000-mile maintenance appointment at the very least. However, you should never wait until the next maintenance appointment if you think there's something wrong with your Kia.

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