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2017 Kia Rio near Cross Plains

Small cars have always been a classic choice when it comes to vehicles. They’re compact and get will get you from point A to point B in a quick and effective manner. Not only are they extremely efficient and trustworthy, but they are also getting remodeled to be much more stylish these days. One perfect example of a small car is the hatchback 2017 Kia Rio near Cross Plains. Not only does it do the job of getting you from place to place with its powerful engine, but it’s also a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The 2017 Rio hatchback will be sure to impress any who take a ride in it.

Design of the 2017 Rio near Cross Plains

Kia definitely does not fall short when it comes to safety features. The 2017 Rio Hatchback comes standard with an airbag system on the front side and side curtain, all-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, a hill start assist system, and stability control on the base trim level LX. A rearview camera is available on the EX trim level and comes standard on the SX trim.

There are more features to the 2017 Kia Rio near Cross Plains than just safety. All around, the hatchback version of the fun-sized Kia Rio is quite comfortable. Despite the small size of this vehicle, it is pretty roomy on the inside. Drivers won’t have a hard time finding enough room in the driver’s seat, and passengers will have plenty of room in the backseat. Compared to the 2017 Kia Rio’s competitors, the backseat has a gracious amount of space for passengers. Kia has also focused on simplicity in the design of the 2017 Rio, so the controls are straightforward and easy to use. This vehicle is easy to use and enjoy, no matter who you are.

Performance Features of the 2017 Kia Rio

The hatchback version of the 2017 Kia Rio near Cross Plains is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. This engine provides 138-hp and 123 lb-ft of torque. Some people might find this engine to be a bit small, but we have to consider the size of the vehicle. Hatchbacks are not very big vehicles at all. This engine is the perfect size to power this compact car. The base trim LX comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission, but you can opt for an automatic transmission if you prefer.

Both the EX and SX come standard with the automatic transmission. The fuel economy rating will change dependent on what type of 2017 Kia Rio you get. However, with the EX Eco trim, you get an estimated 31 mpg combined. With its small size and powerful engine, the 2017 Rio hatchback will be sure to excite every time you ride in it.

Over the years, many hatchbacks have come out. They are perfect for almost anyone who wants to commute to and from work or has a small family. As they have become more popular, standards have obviously been raised. New competition comes out each year as makers release more and more hatchbacks. However, this year, the 2017 Kia Rio near Cross Plains holds its ground against competitors. If you’re interested in this simplistic, powerful fun-sized vehicle, contact us at Russ Darrow Kia. You can give us a call at 888-356-1417. You can also find us on 6525 Odana Rd. in Madison. We hope to hear from you soon.

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